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Bush sings U2

Someone remixed a bunch of Bush speeches to one of U2’s songs. The result: Bush sings Sunday Bloody Sunday.

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Inflatable spacecraft launches from Russia

An experimental inflatable spacecraft bankrolled by real estate magnate Robert Bigelow rocketed into orbit Wednesday to test technology that could be used to fulfill his dream of building a commercial space station.

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Darth Vader Calls the Emperor

What really happened when the emperor learned about the destruction of the Death Star, Funny clip from Robot Chicken

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Why increase minimum wage when you can vote yourself a raise?

Republicans want to give themselves a raise when they just voted against raising the minimum wage. This doesn’t sit right with me at all. I had to dig a bit to find this article again so here it is:

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Colbert in Action

Here are the videos from the dinner that caused such a ruckus

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Slow motion beer cannon footage

There's nothing like slow motion footage of beers, whip cream cans, orange cheese other unidentified projectiles being shot at various objects (I like the TV exploding) set to classical music to brighten your day.

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Give a dog a bone – over the internet

This guys setup a feeder for his dog you can trigger over the internet.

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Super Mario Brothers Themepark

Student Noah Shibley, one of the developers of a "Super Mario Brothers Themepark" is planning a funland where you strap into a bungee-corded parachute harness and bounce off the head of cartoonish turtles and up and down giant steps, accompanied by Super Mario Brothers boing boing noise with every step

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Search on Microsoft main page doesn’t work in Firefox

I tried this on two different computers. I go http://www.microsoft.com and enter "office" in the search box in the upper right and click Search. In Firefox absolutely nothing comes back but it works fine in IE. However, if I search again in FF from the page it brought me to, it does work. So the question is: Is this a bug or an undocumented feature?

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Singularity – The c# OS

In existing systems, safe code is an exotic newcomer who lives in a huge, luxurious home in an elegant, gated community with its own collection of services. Singularity, in contrast, has architected a single world in which everyone can be safe, with performance comparable to the unsafe world of existing systems.

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