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Ricky Manning Jr’s PR Machine

His PR machine has kicked into overdrive since he was arrested for pummeling a nerd. The article says his actions were an aberration but it also says his arrest could violate his parole from an incident in 2002. Aberration my ass. This guy is just a common thug with a huge paycheck.

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Vicarious Single

Here it is:

and it’s pretty damn good

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How to sort a ListView control by a column in Visual C#

From MS Knowledge base:

“This step-by-step article describes how to sort a ListView control by a column in your Visual C# application.”

Full Tutorial

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Expert Says Hard Liquor Helps Houseplants

For home gardeners who don’t want their flowers to tip over, a Cornell University horticulturist thinks he has the answer: Get the flowers a little tipsy with some hard liquor.

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Picture of the World’s First Integrated Circuit

That along with a bunch of other pictures of innovations brought to us by Texas Instruments and others.

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