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Pope Benedict: Stealing Songs?

This raises an interesting point. If true, is the Pope above the law and will the RIAA sue him?

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Mozart’s Music Diary Goes Online

“Net users are getting a chance to enjoy some of Mozart’s most rarely performed compositions.

A digital version of Mozart’s musical diary is being put online by the British Library to help celebrate 250 years since the composer’s birth.”

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639-Year Concert Lets Loose 2nd Chord

A new chord was scheduled to sound Thursday in the world’s slowest and longest lasting concert that is taking a total 639 years to perform.The abandoned Buchardi church in Halberstadt, eastern Germany, is the venue for a mind-boggling 639-year-long performance of a piece of music by U.S. experimental composer John Cage (1912-1992).

Entitled “organ2/ASLSP” (or “As SLow aS Possible”), the performance began on Sept. 5, 2001 and is scheduled to last until 2639.

The first year and half of the performance was total silence, with the first chord — G-sharp, B and G-sharp — not sounding until Feb. 2, 2003.

Then in July 2004, two additional Es, an octave apart, were sounded and are scheduled to be released later this year on May 5.

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