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Inflatable spacecraft launches from Russia

An experimental inflatable spacecraft bankrolled by real estate magnate Robert Bigelow rocketed into orbit Wednesday to test technology that could be used to fulfill his dream of building a commercial space station.

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Give a dog a bone – over the internet

This guys setup a feeder for his dog you can trigger over the internet.

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Super Mario Brothers Themepark

Student Noah Shibley, one of the developers of a "Super Mario Brothers Themepark" is planning a funland where you strap into a bungee-corded parachute harness and bounce off the head of cartoonish turtles and up and down giant steps, accompanied by Super Mario Brothers boing boing noise with every step

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Search on Microsoft main page doesn’t work in Firefox

I tried this on two different computers. I go http://www.microsoft.com and enter "office" in the search box in the upper right and click Search. In Firefox absolutely nothing comes back but it works fine in IE. However, if I search again in FF from the page it brought me to, it does work. So the question is: Is this a bug or an undocumented feature?

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Picture of the World’s First Integrated Circuit

That along with a bunch of other pictures of innovations brought to us by Texas Instruments and others.

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Carbon nanotube TV trials on horizon

Applied Nanotech has signed a letter of intent to enter negotiations for a trial on carbon nanotube TVs with Da Ling, a Taiwanese contract manufacturer.

Under the proposed terms, Da Ling will invest $10 million on a pilot manufacturing facility to make carbon nanotube TVs based on Applied’s technology. In these TVs, nanotubes shoot electrons at a screen to create a picture. Functionally, they are similar to traditional CRT (cathode-ray tube) televisions, which still provide the best picture, but are slim, like LCD (liquid crystal display) televisions.

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Indoor Gardening with AeroGarden Aeroponics

“Grow vegetables, greens, herbs and the like in your kitchen (or just about anywhere indoors) by suspending plant roots in the air, rather than soil or water. The suspended plants derive their nutrients from the air; with the help of the “smart” lighting and nutrient-cycling that comes with the garden, the company claims accelerated growth and increased yields over hydroponics and traditional outdoor gardening.”

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14 Hour Fuel Cell for Laptops

A start-up called UltraCell is showing a 2.2-pound fuel cell prototype at the Intel Developer Forum that can power a laptop computer for 14 hours. Production models will be available in 2007 and cost less than $500…

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Who’s Reading Your Cell’s Text Messages?

Have you ever hit “Send” on a text message on your mobile phone before addressing it? Ever wondered where all those lost SMS text messages go? If so, you might want to speak with Stan Bubrouski, whose cell phone has been channeling wayward text messages from across the country for years.

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Berkeley lectures as podcasts

List of lectures in MP3 format

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